Middle School (6th-8th Gr)         Principal: Melody Williamson mwilliamson@k12.com 
"Middle schoolers aren't 'miniature' high schoolers.  They aren't grown up elementary students either.   Their development needs are unique and need to be addressed as such."   ~ National Middle School Association
At Arizona Virtual Academy Middle School, we intend to meet the unique developmental needs of our students.  Several programs are in place to not only remediate our struggling students but also enrich our advanced level performers.  Students and Learning coaches have full access to our On Demand labs in Math, Language Arts, Science, and History several days each week.  On Demand labs are staffed by Highly Qualified content teachers able to answer curriculum and content questions, work with students and Learning Coaches and provide resources for all Middle School courses.

Students showing signs of struggling in a content area are brought into small group settings where their teachers will provide specific instruction aligned to their needs ascertained from a diagnostic assessment.  Through these small groups, teachers are able to help students build foundational skills that will allow them to be more successful in the general education classroom.

Advanced learners have multiple options for enrichment that include alternative work sample assignments that are more project based and interest specific club options.  A monthly newsletter is sent to all students and families that offers a vast amount of enrichment resources and speaker series webinars that will benefit all types of learners.

AZVA teachers have worked hard to bring Arizona’s College and Career Readiness Standards into their course, specifically through the rigorous work samples required each month that not only show mastery of curriculum concepts but also prepare students for High School level expectations.  Students are provided the support and training to utilize programs like Prezi, PowerPoint, and Animoto to bring their projects to life in History and Science.  Math and Language Arts teachers have built higher order questioning techniques into their work samples to better prepare students for the types of questions they will see in state standardized testing.

We welcome you to AZVA Middle School and look forward to watching our students succeed.

Melody Williamson, Middle School Principal