Elementary School  (K-5)     Principal: Sheri Behn sbehn@k12.com  

At AZVA Elementary school we are focused on every student’s Academic Success through building partnerships with families.
Our school vision statement describes our relationship with families perfectly. We are a team, together we can help students succeed!   Cooperative efforts between teachers and Learning Coaches are vital to your child’s success.  Whether your child is struggling, advanced, or somewhere in between, every child can be successful in our unique online environment.  Our Highly Qualified teachers are here to support you.

All students are encouraged to join their live Class Connect sessions offered each week.  Our teachers strive to provide students with consistent, high quality, energetic, and interactive learning each week.  This also gives students the opportunity to experience a classroom community and interact with their peers.  Check your Class Connect schedule on your weekly plan for the links to these classes.

In addition to live instruction, our 3rd-5th grade teachers host a Math and ELA Open Lab. Teachers will be logged in and waiting in the Class Connect classroom to assist you.  This is the perfect opportunity for you and your child to “walk up to the teacher’s desk” and receive the help you need.  Questions can be academic or general in nature it doesn’t matter, all questions are welcome!  This is also a great opportunity for some one-on-one tutoring if your child needs help with a concept.  We encourage you to take advantage of our Open Labs; this is a valuable resource for our families.

We welcome you to K5 and look forward to partnering with you.

Sheri Behn, K5 Elementary School Principal