Frequently Asked Questions

Starting School

  • Families should

    • create a desk- and school-area and stock it with essential items such as a thesaurus, dictionary, calculator, pens, pencils, papers, a notebook and flash drive;
    • set up computer;
    • establish a reliable internet connection;
    • confirm the student’s computer has a word processing program (i.e. MS Word or Open Office:  This application is FREE;
    • install Adobe Reader, if not already installed.  This application is FREE;
    • download Java, which student will need for Class Connect and Elluminate sessions  This application is FREE;
    • plan a tentative daily schedule for school;
    • set up a calendar area to track the completion of daily and weekly activities;
    • attend AZVA orientations and other Elluminate sessions that are applicable;
    • join a K12 Summer Club;
    • attend K12 Learning Coach Mentor Institute sessions of interest;
    • create a “go-to” box or basket of items student can work on quietly while waiting for LC to finish with another student (if LC has multiple students enrolled);
    • design a special box or basket of toys/activities for preschool aged children (if applicable), and
    • attend AZVA both online and in-person summer events.

    For high school students:

    • complete the Online Learning Course:  The high school Online Learning course opens July 17; all other HS courses open on August 6.


Where is/How do I...?

FAQs About Your Computer and Using the Internet

  • The Online School (OLS) works best on a laptop or desktop computer. We do not recommend using tablets for coursework at this time. You may be able to complete some parts of your work on a tablet (i.e. reading e-books). However, a tablet will not be sufficient for the majority of the work that you need to complete.  

    Please make sure your computer is OLS-compatible prior to school starting.

    Also, be sure to refer to the list of preferred browsers to use with the Online School (OLS).

Quick Reference

Please keep the web pages below handy for quick reference, as they contain school-specific information, such as upcoming events and information dates. You can also find resources to help you navigate the Online School (OLS), use OLS tools, and hear about new features and improvements to your learning environment.

Other Questions?

Visit the "Support Topics" page of the K12 Customer Support website to search for more information.