AZVA Mission Statement

Arizona Virtual Academy is a public online charter school that uses K12, Inc. programs and curricula to meet the needs of diverse student populations through innovative uses of technology, effective teachers and instruction, and partnerships with families and community.  AZVA empowers students to think critically and achieve academic success and personal growth.  AZVA is devoted to making quality public education accessible for all Arizona students- regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance – and to provide online education alternatives that are as unique as the students we serve.

Welcome to Arizona Virtual Academy!  For our returning students and learning coaches, welcome back! For our new students and families, I would like to personally welcome you to our school. By selecting Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA), you have chosen to be an active participant in your child’s education. That is incredibly powerful and will have positive academic outcomes that will last a lifetime!

At AZVA we have exciting plans in place for supporting our students and are committed to a high level of academic achievement for all students. The teachers are eager to interact with your child and to make the school year full of learning opportunities. In addition, our administrative team remains ready to assist you as we collectively prepare our students for a bright educational future.

Regardless of your time with us, several effective resources are available year-round to support your educational choice. Please take a moment and take a close look at this site.   By doing so, you will learn more about the programs offered within our virtual walls.

You will find information concerning:
• Parent orientation and support sessions
• Student activities
• Details about upcoming school events
• Public Notices & Resources

In addition, for our new students and families, this website will walk you through many crucial tasks. The checklist below can serve as a guide to help you prepare for school as well as sharing important school related details.

Log in to the Online School
• Create a student account
• Check your K-mail
• Learn how to check shipping status of your materials

Get Ready to Start School
• Watch orientation videos
• Download a school calendar
• Organize your learning space

Connect with other Students and Parents (recommended for all families – new and returning)
• Attend an online club
• Attend a national parent orientation
• Check your school calendar page and attend school events



Best Wishes for a Successful School Year!
Kelly Van Sande
AZVA/Insight Head of School